Dingaan & Associates (Architects & Project Managers) is an architectural consultancy formed to serve the needs of the democratic South Africa in the new millennium. We pride ourselves with client and user satisfaction with highly innovative and practical architectural and project management interventions. Our strength is derived from putting our clients first, working around and interpreting their needs, utilising the latest trends in architectural technology. While using advanced computer –aided-design (CAD) programs at the early stages of the design process, we frequently liaise with the engineers and quantity surveyors. This helps us to advice our clients on the most suitable construction techniques and choice of materials.
We are therefor able to come up with cost-effective solutions even on the tightest of budgets and time constraints. This highly flexible approach however, does not impact negatively on our design creativity.


The firm boasts highly trained and experienced personnel who are well experienced in the practice of architecture and project management. This is further enhanced by the fact that the principals have been employed by respected and reputable firms before forming Dingaan & Associates.
The dedication and talents of our staff ensures clients a personalised and dynamic service. The strong local base of the partners affords us to achieving effective and sustainable development which addresses the needs of the disadvantaged communities that most of our staff comes from.
Being a black empowerment firm, we can handle commissions almost anywhere in the country without fear of communication breakdowns – to the benefit of the client. We have the understanding and the experience of the country`s socio-economic conditions and are very much in favour of eradicating these imbalances in our society.

Mission Statement

  •  To offer first class service that will satisfy all our clients and contribute towards the development of South Africa especially the underprivileged areas.   
  • Dingaan & Associates channels policies attracting budding talents from educational institutions to create an energetic and unique but very professional image unprecedented in this country.
  • As endorsers of affirmative action policies, we are very strict about being an equal opportunity employer with strong emphasis on training; developing and employing previously disadvantaged individuals.
  • We do not discriminate against race, gender, religion or sex, but we attract members that complement our image and principles.

Community Development

The end product is not the only benefit to communities. We maintain and seek contacts with universities of technologies and traditional university students giving them moral support, practical experience and familiarise them with the office environment. We also ensure that the contractors we nominate use local labour, materials and suppliers as much as is practical so that technical skills are transferred to communities at every level including women. On community based projects, we have zero tolerance for poor quality. We also make certain that no deviations are made from our designs and specifications. A few of the projects that we are working on are self-initiated working with local municipalities and community development trusts, identifying infrastructure deficiencies. We mentor them during the preparation of business plans and proposals which they submit to district municipalities for funding or subsidisation. We do almost all of these projects at risk and in some cases at no charge.


Dingaan & Associates is focused on being one of the most reputable architectural practices in the country. This we can only achieve by offering an above average service, quality products and ensuring that our clients` needs are met every time.
Our youth policy ensures that new ideas are an integral part of our design process, office administration and business approach. This fresh thinking will be of benefit to clients and private individuals who venture into doing business with us, as well as being an inspiration to other youth throughout the country.
Upon request, additional or supplementary information will be furnished.